Detroit's DJ Minx, spinning in an empty room, reflects on a lost year

March 11, 2021, 7:30 AM

The Washington Post Style section is written for readers who love writing, and its stable of talent can spin up a beautifully done piece on seemingly anything. That was proven earlier this week with "Lost Time," a set of short pieces on what Covid-19 has taken from us in the last year, reflected in the title. 

DJ Minx, spinning at Movement in happier times. (Photo: Facebook)

One is about DJ Minx, a Detroit turntable artist, and it made us ache all over for the day when we can once more gather on a crowded dance floor and throw up our hands:

She loved to read a crowd. She loved to move a crowd. Make them jump. Take them deep. Control and abandon, simultaneously. Make people feel what she felt. Have that electricity thrown back at her.

Oh, man. Did you have to make us remember? 

She has, like DJs worldwide, streamed her sets. At Marble Bar, she’s spun to no one but a video camera and artfully arranged mannequins, inert and expressionless. She knows people are out there listening, but —

“I don’t know who’s looking at me. And I definitely cannot see them. So I can’t feel what I used to.”

Minx was a regular on the decks at Marble Bar, where she last worked the crowd, following techno legend Carl Craig at his "Detroit Love" party a year ago. She and others will be back on March 15 for, yes, a virtual party, delivered live-stream. "It will not be the same," reporter Dan Zak writes.

You're telling us. 

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